Robert Kevala

You are worth it! Step out of your comfort zone, it is NEVER too late to write your new story. I am a Mind Body Nutrition Coach, specializing in emotional diet and eating behavior, as well as body image. I have personal experience in “yoyo” or binge eating and fitness obsession and realized the one piece missing is the psychology of why we do what we do and how to rectify our destructive patterns. I “get” the struggle, the stress and the worries that go with weight issues and Body Image. I am here to be your biggest fan and coach, while providing caring and compassionate support to help you find your ideal life. I have lived in various countries, experienced many cultures and love working with people from all aspects of life, diverse backgrounds, cultures and orientations. I have years of experience in leadership coaching and neurofeedback and I am available to help you in my office, on the phone or by skype. For contact information, see my website, email and phone number below, or find me on Instagram reboot_u_.

(778) 977-5272