Rebecca Schartner

Hey! I’m Rebecca, a Master Certified Health Coach & Mind-Body Nutrition Coach, here to help women become who they’re truly created to be through Biblical faith, mindset, and nutrition.

You were never created to be sick, depressed, or to struggle continually, therefore, by combining my nutritional training with my Biblical studies I help to shine a light on the high potential of healing and living according to the Bible so you can live more of how you were created live: healthy & whole.

I take a holistic, natural, and personalized approach of integrating faith, mindset, and nutrition from a Biblical standpoint. Through education and support, you can be empowered to achieve not only your wellness goals but to also make lasting changes to your overall well-being, and most importantly, deep and meaningful changes in your relationship with our Creator. I believe we were created to live healthy, whole, and vibrant Biblically holistic lives and I’m here to help you do just that.

The best place to find me is blogging over at and sharing life & inspiration over on Instagram @rebeccaschartner.

Rebecca Schartner
(780) 605-0735