Muge Konuralp

I chose to be a graduate of the Department of Architecture. My aspiration to work out and train my body was what led me to explore yoga, like almost everybody else. By coming across yoga, completely changed ‘Müge’.

The philosophy behind yoga, alongside the physical practice, held the power to guide me in the discovery of a direction in my life. Immersing into this philosophy, I realized that this journey is one to gradually ‘introduce myself’ to me and my outlook to humanity and all souls as a whole (holistic), reveals and strengthens my healing power.

Awareness is a significant virtue that we can train. Undoubtedly, everything starts with physical awareness, since the only thing we can see and touch is our body which we shall understand better before moving into deeper layers, such as the mind and heart.

As you come closer to yourself, you are the one to decide to either accept or get rid of your valuable or harmful habits you start observing. This is a period that requires work and patience, but ultimately leads us to light and peace.
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