KimberlyAnn Smith

What inspired me to become a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach was my own personal journey with food, health, and body image. In the past, I stopped moving forward with my life by isolating myself, for I had the belief that I would become truly happy and authentic only after I had the health and body that I wanted. When I began applying the basic principles of both Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, my life grew and expanded. My body began to heal. I learned how to slow down, to love and accept myself the way I am. As a result, I have a passion to help others find the relevant connections between their own eating challenges and the personal dimensions that impact their food, weight, and health. Using my own experience and training, my clients and I work together to positively transform their relationship with food and body in order to reach their highest goals in life.

Mind Body Holistic Care Services
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