Kelissa Devencenzi

My purpose and calling in life is to help others. I do this by helping people transform their relationships, whether it is your relationship with yourself, with a partner or with food. I bring a holistic overview to my Psychology of Eating practice by incorporating other modalities into my work. In addition to being a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, I have been trained and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach and as a Calling In “The One” Coach. I also specialize in inner child and shadow work. By integrating all of my different trainings, we can look at all of the parts that make up who we are today, giving us greater awareness of why we do what we do and the ability to identify conscious and unconscious wounds that hold us back. Uncovering these negative core beliefs allows us to transform the way these wounds impact our lives. The good news is we aren’t broken, and we don’t have to live from our wounding anymore!

I would love to help you create a life full of peace, passion and self-acceptance. Imagine finally letting go of negative body issues as you transform into a life of self-love by developing a healing, nurturing relationship with your body! Come with me on a journey of hope and transformation. I would be honored to work with you!
(951) 757-5558