Kathy Moore

Creating & sustaining great health requires understanding of how to mentally, emotionally & physically move through life’s challenges.

Always know that life is even better when you have navigated the difficult moments. (The ‘bumpy bits’)

My passion lies in helping others to help themselves.

I do this using Touch for Health Kinesiology, Eating Psychology and my knowledge of complimentary health practises. I have spent close to 20 years working in the complimentary health and wellness sector, learning many useful things as the industry grows and develops.

Having had many challenges to overcome myself I have an up close and personal understanding of how to effectively approach healing.The experience from these challenges and the knowledge I have gathered, has provided an enthusiasm and desire to support others through their challenges.

Experience and Knowledge in: Anatomy and Physiology, Healing with Food, Healthy Eating, Healthy Thinking, Nutritional Supplementation, Herbal Supplementation, NZ Flower Essences, Numerology, Eating Psychology and Kinesiology……and a wealth of patience and personal experience to share.

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