Angela Freebird

Hello! I’m an Eating Psychology Coach who also uses somatic experiencing trauma therapy (to get under the hood and resolve blocks) and astrology (to orient to purpose and tools to self-soothe).

Freedom from painful eating behaviors and body image distraction is a game-changer and worth the effort it takes to heal. I know. I started over-exercising and food obsession at age 14. Now I am free.

My freedom comes packaged with full permission to be ME. That permission includes a lot of time camping in my big, huge 1-ton truck camper complete with my hound dog (Lucky- baying out the window) and so many other authentic choices.

Let’s get you some support in resolving and healing regarding the issues around food and body that are causing you pain.

Full permission to be YOU (with or without a camper!)

My website is below and the first chat is FREE!

Learn more about Angela by checking out her article on our Coaches’ Blog here:
Let Freedom Ring

Angela Freebird
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