Alicia Bond

I am a certified Aromatherapist and Mind Body Eating Coach.

I have a 25 year history and personal knowledge and understanding of chronic dieting, fasting, cleansing, food allergies, natural solutions to boosting immune systems, digestive issues, over-exercising, and binge eating. I allow my clients space to find the foods that work for their specific body and lifestyle. I am diet agnostic and familiar with many nutritional approaches. Having experienced 7 years of chronic fatigue, I explore with my clients from personal and professional experience what may be causing it and learn from it.

I love to play pickleball, kayak, river raft, ski, 4×4, hike, yoga, play with food, spend time with my dogs, kids, grandkids, grand puppies, and stepping outside to dig my toes into the grass, smell what fragrances are in the air and take in the beauty of the earth that is around me.

Life is amazing when you use all your senses to experience it!

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Food and Stress were Synonymous

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