Relax Into Your Journey

Nothing can quite prepare you for hearing the three words “You have cancer“. Even worse, to then learn that your particular disease is incurable. Looking back, there were clear signs and symptoms that I had been ignoring for several years, but I was simply too busy with my life as a wife, mother, and a fast-paced corporate employee. I was literally running exhausted from one task to the next: from work commitments, grocery shopping, food preparation, housework, kids’ appointments & activities, and helping with my aging and dying parents. From the outside, I gave the appearance of optimal health, as I was slender & toned from a good diet and regular exercise–but that was just a façade.

It is funny how the human body is amazing at letting you know when the way you are living your life just isn’t working for you. It starts with gentle nudges of warning with symptoms like chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraine headaches, and indigestion. As those get ignored because we choose to ‘soldier on’, the body gets louder with increasingly more painful symptoms until we are literally forced to stop. When I arrived at this crossroad, I realized that to heal, I needed to completely change my life. Our bodies create cancer; therefore, our bodies can heal it. For me, this meant learning how to find daily joy in life again.

While I was very successful from many measurements, I was rarely happy. In fact, I hated working in Corporate America, but I was good at it and well paid. I can remember years with little-to-no free time for pursuing any hobbies or just getting any pleasure out of life. Happiness was something that I scheduled for the future, usually when our family went on a vacation somewhere. When I started examining myself, I was horrified to learn just how much daily stress and fear I had been living with. It wasn’t just that I was putting off my happiness for the future; I was mentally in crash position – bracing for impact at all times, even while sleeping.

The simple truth is that the design of the human body requires calm and happiness to be healthy. This is also true for weight management. Negative emotions and stress cause disease and death. The key is learning to accept ourselves, flaws and all. Regardless of our age, weight, health, and past traumas, we need to become our own best friend and stand by ourselves with love. Many times, you must be the person you need in your life. Through my own personal journey, which included quitting my lucrative corporate career and growing closer to God, I have stabilized my disease and am living my happiest life.

I help my clients learn how to love & accept who they are and relax into their stress. Together, we will determine the options that are best suited for them through diet, exercise, lifestyle, and calming activities.

By relaxing into our journey, we can make lasting changes in our health and in our relationships with food, ourselves, and others.


Ginia Falcón, MBA, FNLP, MBECC is a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner, and a Certified HeartMath Mentor

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