Vicky Hartwell-Ivins, MSN, RN

I help women over 40 create a life they love. Through coaching with me you will feel better, have more energy and thrive. My love of the health/wellness arena developed over a 30+ year career from critical care nurse to my current career as a life and integrative health coach. My unique approach comes from the use of tools from positive psychology, mind/body medicine and functional medicine.

At the core of my coaching is that I provide you with tools to manage your response to stress. My goal is to help you make simple, manageable habit shifts. These smaller habits become lifestyle changes which can be “everything” in terms of your health.

I love making a difference for you. I have these tools and I am on a mission to share them to help you live your best life. Are you ready?

-Mind/Body Eating Certification ~ Marc David
-Certified in Positive Psychology with Tal Ben-Shahar PhD
-Trained ~ Center for Mind/Body Medicine~ Dr. James Gordon
-Certified Life Coach ~ Brooke Castillo
-Duke-Trained Integrative Health Coach
-Certified Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition
-Master’s Degree in Adult Health Nursing
-Certified in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra ~ Jennifer Reis
-White Belt in Nia Dance ~Jill Factor
-Mindfulness for Professionals with Dr. Jeffrey Brantley

I am based out of the following locations:
-Fulton, Missouri
-Fairfield, Iowa
-Oak Park, Illinois
(573) 310-9262