Tarek Aad

Tarek believes in the healing power of the soul. This is not fiction or just smart wording. A simple personal experience in a weight loss journey validated his thoughts and proved the uncommon. After 10 years of working in business fields keeping him close to morbidly obese patients, he witnessed that many of them regained their weight back after a weight loss surgery. He was in fact put in research to find out why this was happening, and this brought him to a key finding which is “the control of the psyche of each one of us”. The soul is a healing engine to the body where nothing else can go. Our beliefs as human beings, whether right or wrong, dictate the processes which our bodies follow, i.e. low metabolism, storing fat, good digestion etc. This began as a topic that overwhelmed him, as he wanted to know how to treat these challenges, and it became a road that led him to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Today, Tarek believes more and more that a body cannot move elsewhere without the soul, and he coaches people around their challenges with food, low mood, and weight loss, out of his personal experience and the science behind the psychology of eating in a dynamic eating psychology framework.