Tara Hawken

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I help people on how to achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I specialise in balancing nutrition, diet, relationships, fitness, career, social life, education and mental health.

I am here to help with all aspects of life and provide advise on the best strategies for transitioning to be healthier and happier.

I often refer to practitioners such as doctors, psychologists, exercise physiologists, osteopaths and more, working with their professional advise to integrate a complete health plan for my clients.

Specialties include:
• Identifying lifestyle areas in need of improvement
• Diet accountability to achieve lasting, healthy nutrition
• Guidance for the correct professional help
• Support to follow through health and wellness goals
• Psychology of Eating
• Weight management and meal planning
• Cancer and chronic illness support.

I offer the first 60 minute health and wellness session FREE to get to know each other in more depth and also go through your Health History Assessment. I then tailor an individualised wellness program that will assist people to have a balanced healthy lifestyle.

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