Steven Hunter

Why am I the right coach for you?

As a younger man, I struggled with body image and dysfunctional eating. My own path to overcoming that sense of powerlessness led me to become a health coach and exercise specialist.

During my two decades working in this field, I became intrigued by the invisible boundary that kept people from achieving their goals.

I realised that the conscious efforts that my clients were making were not enough to overcome their eating-related problems. I felt inspired to understand the psychology of eating, and undertook training in the field.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, I show my clients how understanding their eating habits is a doorway to self-discovery that opens onto a clear path to healing.

I help them recognise their own obstacles to health and vitality, and provide strategies, tools, support and, most of all, my undivided attention, on their path to becoming the best they can be.

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