Stepheny Antrobus

I am an Integrative Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I provide brain and gut health therapy solutions for optimal mental health, through Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Art Therapy, and Biochemical/Nutrition. I sought out integrative ways to approach and help heal mental health because of experiences I had while serving in the military. This lead me to the study of mental health nutrition. Since then I continually seek to incorporate evidence-based practices to support each client’s unique healing and growing edge. As a therapist trained in Art Therapy and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, I provide individual and group opportunities for clients with a wide variety of challenges across the lifespan. The treatment that works for one person does not always work for another. That is why I’m here. To help you discern what your body needs and to support you on your path to greater wholeness, creativity, and joy.

Offices in Thornton and Boulder, Colorado

Brain Body Nourishment
(720) 341-0927