Stefanie Grace Falkner

I’m Grace, the founder of Stefanie Grace – Women’s Health Coaching.

Since I was a young girl I had a lot of passion for the nutrition, fitness, and health universe.

It started out with a very challenging relationship, from bulimia to various unwanted eating habits. I went from diet to diet, and excessive exercising desperately hoping to feel better, once I lose X amount of weight.

My healing journey has led me from being a fitness instructor who was very much focused on the outer world of body image more into the inner world of yoga and meditation and after finishing my studies on biology and nutrition I became a yoga instructor and a certified Mind Body Eating Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

I made it my mission now to empower women and help them experience the same as I did – finding freedom and peace in the relationship with food and body.

Stefanie Grace - Women's Health Coaching