Shannon Fitzpatrick

Ready to liberate yourself from constant food shaming, negative body image days, and restrictive eating patterns?

Shannon Rose specializes in overcoming restrictive eating patterns and ‘diet culture’ mentality to establish life-long nourishing relationships with food. She recognizes the light and individuality in each of us and coaches with the mission of empowering authenticity and freedom.

With a background as a yoga teacher and ayurveda practitioner, she understands the importance of focusing on a whole-person approach to offering individualized support and fostering mind-body connection.

She believes that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to health coaching and it is Shannon’s greatest joy to get to know her clients, their lives, and their biggest hopes and dreams.

If you’re ready to reclaim a nourishing relationship with food and body, Shannon is so excited to work with you!

Shannon Rose Wellness
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