Sarah Mines

Sarah Mines is a certified Mind Body Eating Coach who has a great deal of personal experience with the issues so many people endure today in the form of chronic dieting, overeating, binge eating and body image issues. Having overcome a serious eating disorder and eating challenges that spanned 25 years, Sarah is now dedicated to helping others find food freedom and make peace with themselves and their bodies. If you are ready to try something different, you’ll be pleased to discover an approach to freeing yourself that breaks the cycle of nowhere dieting, false gratification and negative self-talk. Sarah learned many techniques during her own recovery and is excited to share them so others can reach the other side…. Life is so different when you are not constantly thinking about food, dieting and weight, and everyone deserves to experience that!

Sarah is passionate about helping others and shortly plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology as well as other professional training to complement her existing science degree from a renowned British university.
(727) 550-6322