Sarah Lambert

I am a 30s-something female living in Brooklyn, New York. When I’m not traveling, working, or enjoying weekend brunch, I am at home snuggled up to my two cats and wonderful husband. My life’s mission is quite simple: I am here to explore and better understand the human experience, and in doing so, help to heal the collective. From my childhood years and on into adulthood, I have continued to be fascinated by nature, biology, inter-personal and intra-personal relationships. During my college years, I immersed myself in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology, with a focus in Nursing. I received my RN, BSN degree and worked as a Level I Trauma ER nurse as well as a Cardiac ICU nurse. I learned how to rely on my quick intuition, and also what it meant to understand human health and well-being in its full spectrum. Needing a change of pace, I eventually found myself in the heart of corporate America as a medical device rep. While I found this to be challenging and exciting, most days I still felt like I wasn’t fully expressing my true self and my innate skills and gifts. I wanted to help people in what felt like a more connected way. I eventually returned to the wisdom of my soul.

These days I have the privilege of coaching others as they work through their challenges and create the life they know they deserve. I do this through exploring the relationships and interactions of one’s mind, body, and food. I find that these concepts are deeply connected to our experiences with safety, intimacy, love, fulfillment, and connection. Each time I work with my clients I feel not only fulfilled, but honored to be assisting them to achieve their highest expression.

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