Sara Groton

After discovering that the root of my own chronic digestive and immune system ailments, as well as my ongoing anxiety and depression, stemmed from a severe food intolerance, I became passionate about studying nutrition. However, I quickly discovered that while nutrition is the foundation, overall health and happiness is incredibly holistic – the mind, body, heart and spirit are truly all connected. In order to truly heal, we need to find nourishment and balance in all areas of life. Studying at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating gave me the insight and tools to help my clients end their yo-yo dieting cycles, stop overeating and emotional eating, learn to love their bodies, and lose weight in a truly sustainable way. I don’t offer a quick fix to changing your body or your relationship with food, because you don’t need to be fixed! Your struggles with your body and with food do not stem from a lack of willpower or control. They are here to lead you to deeper truths about yourself that we will explore together. Through a lighthearted, compassionate, and realistic approach, I want to help you discover what your own body has been trying to tell you all along.

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