Sandra Wölfel

I struggled with a feeling of not belonging to this crazy world from an early age on. Food was my first comfort “drug” of choice. This lead to disordered eating and losing and gaining weight very often. Eventually I was able to find peace with who I am besides from my eating patterns. I am a highly sensitive person, and this doesn´t affect me only on a psychological level, but also at my body. I have a lot of food sensitivities and my digestion is easily influenced by stress. I have a deep interest in the psychosomatic field, e.g. taking a holistic look on the many aspects of symptoms and diseases. I was able to improve a serious skin condition (rosacea) by lifestyle changes and taking an honest look at the hidden language of my condition. I am an empath and like to support others by an understanding and compassionate approach. It´s important to me not to get stuck in the head space, so I am also interested in embodiment. I enjoy doing Aikido in my free time.