Renee Pletka

Renee helps women cultivate a nourishing, loving, peaceful and relaxed relationship with food, eating and their body. Her holistic approach integrates the nutritional and personal realms, including both what you eat and who you are as an eater. 

Clients transform body image, release eating angst, shed pounds, tame cravings, diminish emotional eating and binge eating, elevate nutrition, amplify energy, boost mood, improve digestion and more—all without rigid rules or deprivation. 

“Renee helped me break my lifelong cycle of dieting and unhealthy eating. I now get so much more pleasure from eating and am much less obsessive about food.” -Theresa B., Marketer 

“I no longer feel like I’m battling with my body. I feel like my body and mind are finally partners!”
 -Nicole M., Consultant 

“I’m more relaxed, happier and focused on enjoying my life rather than the continual weight and diet issues that consumed me prior to doing this work.” -Jennifer S., Attorney
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