Renee Pletka

Renee has been helping individuals cultivate a nourishing, trusting, peaceful and relaxed relationship with food and their body since 2011.

Her holistic, weight-neutral, non-diet approach helps people recover from disordered eating, break up with diet culture, eat intuitively, and develop life-enhancing, sustainable self-care practices.

Clients stop yo-yo dieting; rebuild body trust; release food rules, anxiety, guilt and shame; understand emotional eating; reduce chronic overeating and craving intensity; experience greater satisfaction from eating and movement; discover how to best nourish their unique body; heal negative body image; and more.

Renee is part of an empowering, liberating movement that approaches one’s relationship with food and their body from a place of compassion, curiosity, nourishment, pleasure and innate wisdom.

“As I don’t obsess anymore about food and my body, I now have the mental space and energy for more important, enjoyable things.” -Jenny P.

“I have a more neutral relationship with food and feel more at ease in my body than I have ever felt in my life.” -Kerry B.

“Working with Renee has helped me break my lifelong cycle of dieting. I now get so much more pleasure from eating and am much less obsessive about food.” -Theresa B.

“Doing this work has impacted all aspects of my life in ways I would have never expected.”  Ginger D.

Based in San Francisco, Renee works with clients near and far via virtual sessions. To learn more and schedule a free consultation call, head on over to her website below.
(415) 806-9305