Reisha Marris

Reisha Marris is passionate about living her life as authentically as possible; following her dreams, her passions and ethics, and always strives to be her best version. Reisha has the unique skill of being able to quickly and accurately analyse peoples’ relationships with themselves and others, identify their belief systems, and pinpoint aspects of their lives that quite often are the obstacles preventing them from achieving a rich and meaningful existence. Positive self-care, awareness and conscious living are key aspects in her work. Her compassion, intuition and listening skills help people to live a richer, more abundant and peaceful life in a safe, positive and powerful way.

Reisha is a qualified Permaculturist, Reiki Practitioner, Light Worker, and a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. If you are vegan, interested in moving towards veganism, or more of a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle, and need help with self care/love, body issues, relationship issues, food issues, constantly dieting, weight issues, or want to expand your spiritual evolution, then contact Reisha today for a consultation.