Rebecca Robinson

Through several seasons of overweight and “recovery” and after overcoming several challenges in life, including Thyroid Disease and a major life change, I came to a practical understanding of how stress can affect energy, immunity and mood, negatively impacting maintenance of weight as well as bringing on fatigue. I have gained insight into the deleterious effects of unconscious eating and root causes that undermine of the Conscious Practice in caring for oneself. After becoming a widow, I had to face the fear, anxiety and heartbreak of being without my life partner and came to terms with the depression that followed in the wake of emotional devastation. It was in this season that I became fully aware of how conscious self-care, in all its manifestations, was vital in the continuation of a full and productive life. I chose life in all its dimensions and took the gifts it offered me to resume my journey. As a dynamic eating psychology coach I look to guide and support those who face various life challenges and are looking for an effective plan to implement recovery for sustained health and well-being.

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