Rachel Fox

Rachel brings both a world of knowledge and personal experience to this unique coaching. As an established fitness trainer she enjoys working with beginner exercisers. Her own challenges with weight, yo-yo dieting and body image help her relate to her clients.

Rachel suffered years of depression following the birth of her 2 boys. Tired of bouncing back and forth between counselors and doctors, she finally discovered an Eating Psychology Coach and hasn’t looked back.

‘I have literally transformed my relationship with food, I have more energy than I have ever had before, improved skin and hair, improved immunity and most importantly never feel unhappy about my body size. I have not counted a single calorie in years, and I now move my body in ways that I love, and never consider exercising for the purpose of burning calories. My clients feel supported in finding their unique way on this path, they finally feel understood and are able to make these challenges a thing of the past.’

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