Orly Portnoy

orly-faceAlthough a maths graduate, nutrition and eating psychology have always interested me. I have a diploma in both Nutritional Therapy and Advanced Diet and Nutrition which I studied as a hobby. Having read the same diet and nutrition advice many times over, it became clear to me that nutrition was only half of the story. Once learning all the principles behind Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind body Nutrition it was evident that there was much more to it than the amounts and type of food we consume such as micronutrient balance, eating rhythm and eating under stress.

We all have a relationship with food, and being an only child for many years i was always the one agreeing to finish whatever food my mother had “made with love.” My relationship with food dramatically changed when I moved to a place far from friends and family and this roused my interest even further until I discovered the fantastic eating psychology course which confirmed what I had picked up over the years and taught me an immense amount on eating psychology for myself and to be able to use as a coach. I look forward to putting my knowledge to good use and being able to help many clients.