Natascha Troehler, ANP-C

Being a nurse practitioner with over 30 years in the medicine, fitness/training, and legal arenas, I’ve been privileged to be a part of the healing of veterans and active duty soldiers as well as patients in primary care, pain management, and rheumatology. Oftentimes, people seek help from multiple providers but are left without good solutions and needless, continued suffering. Through my own lifelong eating challenges, efforting around healthy aging, and maintaining a competitive edge in mind, body, and soul, I discovered new healing methods. Using sustainable, results-oriented approaches, you can now rise above your years of struggle with eating challenges, disordered body image, sensitivities, and other common symptoms through implementing dynamic eating psychology concepts, mind-body nutrition, and positive psychology principles, tailored for you. I look forward to being your partner on your empowered path for establishing a better relationship with eating, caring for your body, and reaching your wellness goals.
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