Motoko Stearnes

I have personally gone from being compelled to finish two Big Macs, Large Fries, and Thick Shake, followed by a whole large tub of caramel ribbon ice cream on white bread… to learning that quality food = quality cells/body, to gaining skills to hear my body wisdom, to maintaining a natural healthy weight without always obsessing about food.

If you are in that place now, and sick and tired of the mean girl in your head, fighting with your food and not sure what to do to gain food freedom – I can guide you to where I’ve been for the past 10 years through sound functional nutrition knowledge and mind-body nutrition distinctions.

I live in Queensland Australia in the beautiful Sunshine Coast and take clients from all over the world. DM me on Instagram @Toko.Nourished if you want to have a feel for what working with me feels like!
+61 425703727