Miriam Polter

I am no newbie to the dieting world. I’ve walked my own journey- through diets and exercise plans, through yo-yo dieting, and through weight obsession. I believe sharing my story and journey, along with the Mind Body Eating Dynamics, I can help women feel less alone in their challenges and help them find a more meaningful and loving relationship with their body.

I am specifically passionate about using health and nutrition to connect to our inner selves and thereby connect to a higher being, to the sacred, whatever or whoever that may be. I believe the road to living a healthy, balanced life leads one to finding their true selves and connecting to the One that beats their heart.

I want to see a world where the beauty around food and body is glorified and we are in sync with who we are. I want to live in a community that empowers each other in more love, compassion, and understanding towards food and body.
I want every individual to know that each person, in their natural authentic, selves, has an inherent beauty to them. Their body and their soul is essentially beautiful and unique and no one can replace their space in this world.
I look forward to meeting you, learning your story, and helping you love YOU more!

(917) 689-0953