Michele Smith


My passion is to help people become their best selves, no matter where they are starting from, with no judgement. I believe that each person has their own unique story that needs to be honored and taken into account when making any changes. And sometimes, we all need a little support to just get things started.

I’ve been working with people for well over a decade now. My background is in Mental Health. I’m a licensed Mental Health Counselor in NJ and NY. I’ve worked with young kids, teens, and adults over the years. For the longest while, I’ve studied Nutrition and Eating Psychology, and my focus has become helping people with issues like weight loss, binge eating, overeating, digestion, mood, fatigue, stress, body image, chronic dieting, and immunity.

My work style is pretty down to earth. I’ve never enjoyed the awkwardness of meeting various professionals, so I try real hard to make things easy, comfortable, and fun with no power trips. But don’t let my laid back style fool you, I am a total geek when it comes to knowledge and learning, and take my job very seriously. Why? Because this is intimate work and I respect that, and you. And I’ve been in the chair on the other side needing help, so I get it. We will work hard together because I really want to see you get to where you want to go.

Good luck on your journey, no matter what! If you are on this directory, then you have already started. Congratulations! Hopefully one day our paths will cross.

All the best,

(908) 217-5544