Melissa Messner

My practice as a passionate, dedicated Healing Foods Educator, Clean Cooking Instructor, and Certified Psychology of Eating Coach flowed out of my own challenging, but blessed life journey of whole healing that unfolded after a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 1995 while pursuing a writing career. The overuse of antibiotics coupled with poor diet, sustained emotional stress and physical trauma had culminated in a complex set of symptoms including weight gain, digestive issues, inflammation, fatigue, mood fluctuations, and food/chemical sensitivities. 

Today, I am grateful to have ascended to a higher place of healing – of my body, mind, heart and soul – faithfully aided by caring holistic practitioners, wise teachers and experts, spiritual guides, and my own whole living adventures in the health food store, farmers market, my kitchen, the fitness center, and the great outdoors. 

Embark on your own healing choices path with me, and together we’ll discover the healthy REAL YOU!

Truest Food...Truly Healthy, Truest You!
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