Mega R. Mease

An automobile accident in 2012 resulted in a traumatic brain injury which robbed me of my life for well over a year. Being a person who has always made the choice to live in abundance I sought ways to heal myself. Knowing that nutrition would be a key player, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a mission learn more, study hard and push my brain into full recovery. It is a wonderful training for those with no knowledge of nutrition or coaching. For me, however it did not delve into the psychology of eating as the representative had explained prior to my enrolling. I still struggle somewhat and am slower than I used to be however I am still searching. My heart and mind always travel to find and utilize the appropriate and meaningful studies for me and my path. This has beautifully led me to the Psychology of Eating Certification Course which better fits my existing life work, vision and thirst for knowledge.

The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics
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