Marietta Goldman

Marietta Co-Founded Anchors & Adventures to help women tap into their true potential and start living Life On Purpose! Through workshops, planned adventure trips and service projects she helps women explore the secrets to Anchored Living through the four life anchors: Self-Care, Self -Discovery, Self-Acceptance and Self-Expression. She is passionate about teaching women to dig deeper to find the soul messages that are keeping them connected to an unhealthy relationship with food.

She believes that true healing is about so much more than just the foods we choose to eat. She is a cancer survivor who loves helping women create healthy shifts long before they ever see signs of illness. With a certificate in Advanced Nutritional Studies from the Nutritional Education Institute and as an Eating Psychology Health Coach she has learned to combine the science behind what we eat with the value that can be gained by understanding who we are as eaters.

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Healing From the Inside Out!

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