Maribeth Baxter

I have an unending passion for all things related to health and living to our full potential by loving on ourselves and others. Through my own health struggles with life threatening disease, I have learned the complexities of chronic illness and pain. Voraciously, I have pursued health strategies by taking courses, attending conferences, and doing massive amount of research through the plethora of information. Not only have I experienced and learned about the physical side of health but there is an emotional and spiritual aspect to healing and wellness that opens up a health and peacefulness that far exceeds understanding. Becoming an Eating Psychology Coach places me in the position of sharing this wisdom with others.

I am honored and excited to be able to be in a position to guide others on their own journey, without judgment but with great love and compassion. It is my desire to mentor clients through body and lifestyle changes in a holistic approach and supporting the whole person with individualized wellness programs designed to meet their specific needs. It is an adventure that I truly enjoy walking through with others.

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