Mansi Kotak

I am a PCOS Health Coach with a background in Integrative Nutrition and Eating Psychology, and I use a functional approach (inspired from Ayurveda) to help young girls and women who, like me, have PCOS, get in sync with their cycles and balance their hormones by making changes to their diet and lifestyle and addressing the root cause of their hormonal imbalance. Over the past four years, I have explored the worlds of Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Ayurveda and Women’s Health to create a programme and website for women who struggle with PCOS and don’t know what to do about it… I am extremely passionate about providing Support and creating meaningful, structured and positive PCOS Awareness through my YouTube Channel, and I hope my videos and story will help the many women affected by PCOS blossom into health. In my studies of Eating Psychology, I was introduced to the archetype of a “Wounded Healer” created by Carl Jung. I would be hard put to find a more fitting term for myself and the many PCOS Warriors out there.

PCOS Warrior
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