Lynni Webb

Hi, I am Lynni! A Holistic Counsellor, Stress Management/Mindfulness, and Certified Psychology of Eating Coach. My mission is to provide my clients with a personalized, transformational experience that can assist in moving them into a relaxing, nourishing relationship with food, and body image toward radiant health, self-acceptance, and whole-body wellbeing.

I have many years working in the health & wellness field, beginning as a Swedish Massage Therapist & Bodyworker and the Owner of a Health food Hubb that provided a space for Integrative Practitioners to service customers through the modalities of Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, and a variety of Body Therapies. This was a very rich and fertile space for a holistic practitioner to develop a passion for the benefits that can be achieved through the healing lens of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

With a lived experience of eating & body image struggles along with the associated difficulties of both autoimmune & digestive challenges, my personal story took me on a long and sometimes difficult journey that in hindsight has been an enormous training ground in support of this work. If you are looking to become a healthier and happier ‘you’, I would be privileged to take the journey with you.

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