Lynne Bowsher

Lynne is a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Mind-Body Nutrition Coach and a Certified Digestive Intensive Graduate of the Holistic Nutrition Lab Program. She continues studies with Andrea Nakayama of Functional Nutrition Alliance and is enrolled in their Full Body Systems Program through the Functional Nutrition Lab. Lynne is also a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor and owns and operates her own yoga studio. Her various skills enable her to work at many different levels with her clients.

Lynne enables her clients to recognize and own that our body’s symptoms are messages that have a lot to teach us on our journey in this life. Through her expertise she is able to provide her clients with various tools and techniques to help bring their mind, body and spirit into balance. Her mission is to empower women to consciously step into their true potential, achieving a balanced life of health, purpose and vitality.

Nutrition For Your Soul
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