Lisa Mull

Because of my own history of tumultuous relationship with food, eating and body image, my life’s motivation is to help women find victory over the emotional and spiritual bondage to “weight” so they become FULLY FREE to live life ON PURPOSE.

Since 2008 I have been inspiring and educating mostly women in some natural health capacity, with body weight being a common topic of discussion. My goal has been to help women shift their mindset from “not enough” to embracing their perfectly imperfect selves to find the freedom they truly desire.

I particularly have a heart for Christian women who are “free” in Christ yet still struggle to apply that freedom to breaking up with who the world says they are when it comes to weight and body– although they desperately desire to do so.

My focus on women comes from my belief that we do not only set the table but also the tone for the home. Our influence runs deep with a far-reaching ripple effect. The world desperately needs the gifts we are here to give!

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