I recognized the role of food and nutrition on health as a young person and became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. I am certainly very grateful for my training but eventually felt a need to explore beyond this realm alone to address my patients (and my own) needs. This curiosity lead me to a way life and lifestyle that would positively impact my life forever. I extended my training to include certification in Mind Body Eating.

This uniquely designed program, bridged the gap I felt between my own and my patients challenges with food, nutrition and body. What a relief! This training revealed tools and strategies I had NEVER been taught and offers multiple ways to help people address their concerns in complete, realistic, bite-size and sustainable ways.

I sincerely believe it IS a well-kept secret to the common concerns I have already mentioned. If you are like me and feel “there has to be something more to…” Know that there IS. I will be honored and thrilled to work with you to uncover ways you can be the best you for yourself, your family and in other areas of life.