Lesley Adamson Rubin

Pan Akos, or healing remedy in the realm of dietary wisdom, has dramatically changed my life. In my 20’s dietary changes created an environment to help my body heal chronic Cystitis and Candida. In my 20-30’s I once again turned to diet to rebalance my ENERGY life force When I was so exhausted I would fall asleep at my desk. After several miscarriages as a husband and wife team, dietary changes helped us to assist our bodies into creating the ideal FERTILE environment to support conception, and carry my pregnancy to term; Bringing two beautifully healthy and happy children in to the world at 40. I am so grateful to have gained so much personal experience in the many collective problems we face today. With these insights and the Psychology of eating coach training, I feel proud to be able to share my life experiences, skills, knowledge and wisdom.

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