Laura Saavedra

Venezuelan based in London. Professional, wife and mother of two. Having worked in the corporate world for the past 20 years, I learnt the value of keeping resilient and in good health to balance stress, work, family, and life demands. I grew my passion for health, nutrition, and well-being and I became a professional Mind Body Eating coach to help others boost their health and discover their inner strength. As your coach, I will help you in your journey with food, body, and mind. I will coach you to:

*Lose weight in a balanced and sustainable way. You will solve your weight challenges with nourishment and freedom

*Eat healthier without rigid diets. You will enjoy food and exercise without pressure and fear

*Feel better, calmer, more confident, and free. You will improve your energy and mood, balance stress, and become more resilient.

*Improve your digestion, immunity, and overall health

Instagram: @laura_mindbodyeatingcoach