Laura Lloyd

Professionals and entrepreneurs come to me to lose weight and learn maintenance through habit change.

If you’re binge eating – I get it. I survived binge eating and bulimia in my twenties.

If you’re emotionally overeating your way up a career ladder – I’ve got you. I am an expert on work emotions and their correlation with eating.

And if you’re embarrassed and disappointed that you lost and regained the same weight – I have been there, and my ‘maintenance first’ approach is for you.

My unique rapid, 20-minute session format fits any schedule.

With 1:1 sessions for one year, clients not only receive life coaching from me personally, but they also learn to self-coach in my Sensational Eater programme.

I graduated from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in 2015 and have been practising since. I am studying for my Hypno-CBT diploma, and am a life coach.

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