Kimberley Maxey

As a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, ACFED Approved practitioner and published author, Kimberley has a profound up to date knowledge in matters of food behaviour and well-being that make up the essentials for health and wellness in today’s world.

This insight and education means she can coach others in issues of gut/brain health, basic nutrition and digestion, eating practises and disorders, weight loss and gain, body image concerns, emotional and mental health hygiene and more, to guide them towards outcomes of wholistic health.

Devoted to helping others create sustainable change, her own life experiences with gut health, food intolerances, depression/panic disorder, endometriosis and raising two children with developmental learning conditions, has driven her ambition to begin her business as Kimberley Maxey HappyBalance Coach. Her efforts at working towards helping women COPE with their own health and wellness are aimed at “fixing the chain in wellness for our kids”.  Adding a very specialised service to a currently struggling world in matters of food, mind, and body.

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