Kay Smith

Kay is the Founder of Brilliant Best Living and a Certified Health and Mind-Body Nutrition Coach based in Sydney, Australia. In an increasingly angry and volatile world, Kay is committed to being a force for good by promoting happy souls in healthy bodies. Kay encourages aspiring, health conscious individuals, held back by their inner obstacles, to shift from resistance to action, so they can elevate their health and well being and be their brilliant best. It’s all about inspiring people to put more of the good stuff back into their life. Starting from the inside out; Kay gets to the heart of not only what you are eating but what’s eating you. By deconstructing your health/body concerns and reconnecting with your innate body wisdom, Kay works with you to release any limiting beliefs and to rise above your inner critic, so you can love you, love food, and love life. www.facebook.com/brilliantbestliving

Brilliant Best Living Health and Lifestyle Coaching
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