Karen Pitt

As a coach, I will help you achieve your goals by integrating:

• Tools and techniques from Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology
• Over 12 years of experience analyzing needs to customize learning solutions
• A functional nutrition approach

My journey with food, body and health began with an autoimmune disease diagnosis in 1997. I actively pursue knowledge of diet and lifestyle practices that embrace a healthy, sustainable way of living that’s doable and fits naturally into everyday life. Is there a perfect diet or lifestyle for sustainable weight loss and optimum health? The good news is that “eat less, exercise more” is not the universal answer. We are all different – our fingerprints, DNA and cells are all unique to us. The answer lies within you – your consciousness, your presence, your story. We can partner together on your journey to discover your unique path to unlocking your body wisdom.

(416) 450-5028