Kami Chartier

Before I started exploring my own health I felt miserable about 90% of the time. I was irritable, moody, unsatisfied with my body, mean to myself, judgmental of others.

I was tired of it.

I started by focusing on one thing – the quality of what I was eating. Profound things started unfolding. I started to enjoy life. My bad mood went away (my husband is extremely grateful for this). My daily groans of aches and pains grew silent.

Health is about more than nutrients (which is still an important part!). Everything around us and in us affects our health – our thoughts, our past, and our environment.

That is why I became a health guide. Because each one of us is a beautiful being with an epic story, but sometimes we need someone to help us navigate over the walls so that we can discover what is on the other side.

Coaching by Kami Chartier
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