Julie Ruppel McNitt

At the early age of 14, I developed a long seated interest in health and nutrition; where my interest evolved into a more compassionate approach to all living beings. I then became a Vegetarian and later a raw Vegan. Having later struggled with Anorexia Nervosa, my recovery path led me to acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Wellness and Business Management, becoming a practicing yogi of 25 years, and to being the former owner of Bhakti Academe. Upon discovering the teachings of Eckhart Tolle in 1997, “The Power of Now” reinforced my spiritual roots and I began a path of true liberation. I have also been deeply influenced by Byron Katie, Adyashanti & Rupert Spira. “At the heart of experience, there is a fire that burns all we know. Offer everything to that fire. What remains – the ashes of love – is that for which we have longed for all our life.” Rupert Spira

Nourishing Presence
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