Joanne Edinberg

I bring an empowering and positive approach to coaching women to develop a healthy relationship with food and body. I explore how we eat and who we are as eaters, and delve into the larger questions behind challenges with food and eating. I offer an alternative to “eat less/exercise more,” help you let go of the quest for the “perfect” diet, and support you on your journey to realizing that YOU are your best “expert.” My goal is to support you in finding the inner wisdom to transform eating challenges into powerful opportunities for personal growth, and to discover what and how to eat, and ultimately, LIVE, in a way that is nourishing, relaxed and enjoyable. If you’d like to explore working together, please get in touch!

Prior to becoming a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, I worked as a social worker in a variety of health, nutrition education, and preschool organizations. I also have training and experience as a yoga instructor and labor support doula. I have a B.S. in Psychology from Tufts University, and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boston University.

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Love Yourself, Love Your Body

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