Jessica Jeremiah

“Every person I serve has a unique story. Circumstances that bring someone to my office rarely come in ‘neat little packages.’ While some experience trouble in just one area, most experience challenges in multiple areas (trauma, loss, addiction, career, family, sexuality, etc.), and I have learned that ‘The Body Keeps Score’ (van der Kolk) until resolved. People desire outward transformation (i.e. weight loss, improved health); yet paradoxically, attending to ‘inner work’ is often the key to lasting change. I enjoy helping clients sort out the pieces, get to the root of issues, and coach them through a combination of interventions that get results. You can begin living a happier, more fulfilled life – faster than you think!”

Jessica Jeremiah, MSW, CMBEC is a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, Certified Clinical Supervisor, and has earned several other professional certifications – for more, see her website.

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