Jennifer Miskiel

Jen Miskiel has been passionate about health and wellness for over two decades. Trained as a health coach and health-supportive chef, she understands the importance of high-quality food and low-tox living. However, several years ago, in her own quest for health and gut healing, Jen’s passion turned into a perfectionist obsession as she slid down the slippery slope of orthorexia. She learned first-hand how food is not everything and she now believes our mental and emotional well-being are one of the most overlooked components of health today.

As a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Jen helps women break through patterns of emotional eating, binge eating and food confusion, so that they can experience an empowered relationship with food and create a ripple effect of food and body love for generations to come.

Jen offers private and group sessions remotely via Zoom. You can find her on FB @nourishedandfreeAFT or on IG @nourished_and_free.

Learn more about Jen by checking out her article on our Coaches’ Blog here:We Can Only Heal From A Place Of Love

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