Jenna Marvin

Hi there! I am Jenna, Eating Psychology Coach. I battled disordered eating behaviors and habits for about 25 years. Extreme control of food (counting and weighing), starvation, obsessively exercising, binging, and body hate/shame.

For so long I lived in fear of food and wished more than anything that I didn’t need to eat to survive as a human. I strongly believed the only way I could ever receive love and acceptance was if I was skinny and pretty. If I could just lose 5 more pounds, then life would be amazing and everything I ever wanted.

I have slowly healed from these dis-empowering beliefs and have finally come to a place in life where I am no longer in a prison to thoughts that don’t serve me. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but I am here. I survived and I am grateful for all that I have learned.

As an Eating Psychology Coach, my intention is to help others that are struggling with weight, food, and/or body hate/shame. I want you to find the freedom that I have found. I want you to know you are loved. Whatever battle you are fighting, know that you are not alone and together we can come to the light.
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